Primitive Instinct, or "P.I." as they are affectionately known, are a Classic/Nu Prog/Alternative Rock Band. Hey, call it what you want, but for sure it's pure class. The band was formed in Maidstone in 1987, and has undergone various transformations over the years, but now down to a nice and trim four piece. P.I. have released 4 studio albums proper, namely "Ice For Eskimos", "Floating Tangibility", "Belief" and "One Man's Refuge", which was released in 2012 and is available, along with other goodies, at the band's website. Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter/All Round Good Egg Nick Sheridan writes top rate songs as easily as most of us make a cup of tea. If you don't believe me, take a listen! As the man says, it's all about "Belief".... On top of all this, "P.I." have just released a limited edition live album "Brown Bear's Picnic". Along with Nick, Bassist Pic has been with the band some 25 years now and with the welcome return of Chris Brown on Drums and newish member Jonathan Vincent on keyboards they truly are an awesome foursome! The last few years has seen the boys play shows with Wishbone Ash, Stray, The Yardbirds and Karnataka and a few years back John Wetton was highly impressed with the live act - high praise indeed. So join the ride, come with'll never be the same again.....
Nick Sheridan - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards.
Pic - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Simon Harrison - Drums, Percussion.
Jonathan Vincent, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Large Doner with Chilli.
Sounds Like:
We sound like US!! Oh ok, a teensy weensy bit like Pink Floyd, a teensy weensy bit like Hogarth era Marillion, a dash of BJH, but a lot like US!! Anyway, we are not giving anymore away, have a listen for yourselves.