Jonathan (JV)

 Jonathan, Keyboards and Backing Vocals

The youngest member of the band (If Nick’s 29 then I must be 25 at the most!) Jonathan started early with piano lessons from the age of 7. He also learnt classical percussion and enjoyed playing in various youth orchestras and managed to see a bit of the world at a pretty tender (and impressionable) age. 

His first brush with PI was at school when his was drumming in his school rock band, Jaydee and they borrowed the Primitive Instinct PA system. Jonathan would also tend to see PI at river festival gigs and admire them from afar (is admire too strong a word?) but he never plucked up the courage to enter the Royal Albion!

Jonathan has being playing keys for various function outfits over the years but never in an originals band so PI was a big step which mostly involved becoming slowly poorer! However, the introduction of compulsory post-gig kebabs has helped to offset this challenge.

As well as disguising bum notes, Jonathan happens to be a media composer and audio freelancer. If he had free time he would spend it flying kites, sailing and shooting people in the head from his sofa but none of that has happened for a while.

At the moment Jonathan is hard at work pulling together the various bits of the new album to hopefully make something that sounds good!

Keyboard Rig
Roland RD600,
MAudio Axiom,
Akai EIE Pro,
Macbook Pro running Mainstage